Toastmasters Competent Communicator Manual Speech 4 – How to say it?

senthiljee Toastmasters public Speaking

This speech is about a beautiful mind! Mine.

In this ironical world, only intangible things in the world are given the most number of adjectives. Few examples are God, Love and this beautiful mind.

I want to share some of the career aspirations from my childhood.

Truck Driver

Long ago, my parents asked me once, Son, what would you become in the future? My answer had given them a shock of a life time. I had said, I will be a lorry driver. Driver??? Not for a space craft or a Formula 1 race car. Our very own Indian Lorry. Yes, I wanted to be a lorry driver.

First ever biggest vehicle I had ever witnessed was a lorry. That used to get parked near my house, get cleaned. It was a heavy weight truck and had 10 tyres. I use to play by sitting in the drivers’ seat, thinking I am driving the monster vehicle. Somehow, I was fantasized by this thought. Not sure about India, but if I had pursued my first aspiration seriously, I may be earning as high as a software engineer in western countries. My parents were good enough to distract my attention towards other things.


Next time after a few years, the same question had come from my Parents. This time, they were so happy and receptive to my thought. I had said, I will become a Pilot. First started nurturing my thought when somebody said that there are men inside the Aeroplane. They will eat food over there. They will have nice chocolates etc. Wow… what an opportunity. That’s it. I decided then I will become a Pilot.

Apart from enjoying the scenic views, you will have to serve food, water, beverages, handle arrogant customers in the flight. Off the flight, you will have to regularly participate in protest for getting your salary in time, often do a check whether your pilot license is genuine as per this month’s regulations etc. Gosh, decided I would not then become a pilot.


Few more years passed by. By now, my parents stopped asking me about my future aspiration. I was a tall guy, very athletic in built and flexible with my gymnastics. I had developed the habit of watching movies regularly. Rambo, True lies, Commando, Face off kind of movies led my inspiration to become a patriotic soldier who risks his life to save fellow citizens. Wanted to wear that kind of armor, carry loads of ammunitions, all the time firing machine gun were my ideals.

When I looked practically, these guys never come home. They don’t get vacation to celebrate festivals with your family. Though there is no war, you need to be in uniform all the time. In the name of drill, you need to clean up the practice grounds. As a prime duty, need to take the kids of superior officer to Saloon for hair dressing, drive his whole family to fish market, wake up and do sentry duty when they sleep off. What they think, who I am? I am not up for this.


I finished up my Twelfth standard. By now my dad had almost stopped talking to me. They haven’t asked me the question at all. But the highlight is that I myself don’t have a clue on what I will become!  My God! That was a bad situation. I couldn’t score marks upto my parents’ expectation. Would not handle overload with super confidence. I knew my capacity then. Hence applied for a normal science degree.

Later came seriousness in life. Forgot all Fantasies. Started thinking practically. Had observed who is making quick money. Enrolled into a Masters degree in management. Started with sales, later settled in marketing and standing in front of you thinking what I will become next!

Well, this is the good part. The best moment in life is this moment. I don’t have a clue on what I want to become in future. That has never worked for me in the past. So, let me not hope the same thing will happen in future.

But with the current economic situation and future uncertainty may be I will be a person who work towards the planet’s sustainability.

Written by senthiljee
P.B. Senthil Kumar is an Experienced Digital Marketer who exploits growth marketing practices using Digital Marketing techniques and help businesses attain desired revenue goals.