10 Commandments for a prospective college student Life

10 commandments for a prospective college student life

You may find this post preachy. But isn’t it advisable to stay informed and take better decisions than course-correcting?

I wrote this post for my Nephew before he got into his College Education. I am glad, he turns out to be a good, responsible and resourceful student.

  • All are equal
    • All are equal. But everyone is different. Like our 20 fingers. Treat everyone with the same respect. No one is special because of their age, talent, status, religion, race, community, locality, intelligence, appearance.
  • Attitude
    • Be expressive. Be smiling. Stay cheerful. Talk to your Mom and Dad the most than any other person in the World. Explain what happen in a typical day of yours. Share interesting and disappointing moments from your life with them. Understand how their day went. It’s okay to ask for help from your fellow students, professors or family members. It’s okay if others know you don’t know everything. One doesn’t need to know everything. Never be scared.
  • Friends
    • Treat everyone as your friends. Get to know them to some detail. Don’t over-do. Don’t be choosy. Don’t over invest in just a bunch of friends. Do anything for them. But do nothing that will bring shame or unhealthiness to you, your family, your institution. Don’t bunk classes for the sake of doing it. Don’t back bite anyone. People soon will lose trust.
  • Professors
    • Don’t hide yourself. Be forthcoming to meet them whenever required. Ask any questions you may have; however silly they are. Ask about scope of your studies, how to excel in studies, how to get a gold medal, what are the career heights people can go in your fields. What are the ways you can become a subject matter expert in your field? Volunteer if they need any help from you for doing academic research or writing or taking notes etc. Don’t help them with their personal or household chores. Small things/secrets they share with you will save years of time and avoid regretful mistakes.
  • Seniors
    • They just spent few additional years and time in the college. They can be rude at times. But not all are the same. There may be many senior students who can help you with guidance, mentoring, learning, how to navigate the graduation.
  • Initiative
    • You should get a taste of gradual improvement. With conscious observation, thoughts and initiative, success will fall on your lap. Feel Successful regularly even in smaller things. Like reaching a place on time, making good use of college time, meeting new friends, completing a book chapter, talking to a stranger from other departments, helping your parents everyday with small household chores, going well prepared for class assignments etc. See if you can do internships during college.
  • Finances
    • However small the money you have in hand, handle it with care. Keep a tracker in a diary. Plan your monthly expenditure including college, travel expenses in advance and get it from parents. Start managing your finances as if you had earned them. Discuss with parents or friends on any useful patterns you observe in saving or spending. Try implementing their best practices in your finance.
  • Time
    • Don’t completely avoid any short-timed entertainment, intermittent breaks to clear your head. But do not indulge watching week-long, day long entertaining sport events, playing hours on online chess, offline criminal case game on laptop etc. Remember you only have 4 to 6 quality hours a day to prepare for both Graduation and other skill building activities. Once you achieve your dream, you can lavish time and money on Entertainment. Prioritize! Failing to utilize time in the most useful manner will always be the biggest regret throughout life.
  • Distractions
    • However, your friends or strangers may compel, don’t (I know you won’t) indulge in smoking, drinks, drugs, street fights, bunking classes, unnecessary lying, or anything that your parents will disapprove. Talk freely with friends who are Girls but don’t cross border beyond friendship. Life is a long way to go and nothing is stable unless you become stable professionally and financially on your own. Just be yourself! Don’t try to impress others or become some-one else.
  • Studies
    • College is not School. Things are not spoon fed here. They may not cover lessons paragraph by paragraph. You are also not expected to write exams in the same fashion. Professors only cover 80% (at the max) of the subject. You need to invest time and effort to learn balance 20% using Library, internet, inquiring professors, friends, seniors. Always stay ahead by reading the book than the pace at which your professors teach at classes. Whatever you are learning, relate that to real time environment, the news you read and understand how it is applied.
    • Other students may say anything that marks are not required. That is 50% true and 50% wrong. Gold Medals come to the student who turns out to be the best. Pre-placement offers come to those with better marks. Best results will boost your confidence levels. That will just boost you to explore newer horizons and avoid distractions.
  • I wish you all the very best!
Written by senthiljee
P.B. Senthil Kumar is an Experienced Digital Marketer who exploits growth marketing practices using Digital Marketing techniques and help businesses attain desired revenue goals.