Toastmasters Competent Communicator Manual Ice Breaker Speech 1- Introduce yourself

senthiljee Toastmasters public Speaking

Mr. Toastmaster, Fellow toastmasters and guests!

I have a confession to make!

I joined toastmasters, because my manager asked me to join this, I was wondering about why would I need public speaking skills? That is not something I wish for myself… speaking in public, corporate events, annual conferences, especially, making others listen, which I hate it.

But, I consoled myself saying, if these guys meet every week without fail to speak among themselves, evaluate each other, help each other to get better in their speaking skills, why not take it up. Hence I enrolled. (Otherwise also, I didn’t have a choice).

While listening to a couple of meetings, I kept on thinking what these guys want? Why they do it? What they get in return?

And I figured out, all of them are continuously PREPARING to excel in their lives. Not only in their speaking skills, but also in their career, in gaining confidence, self-development, gaining different perspectives in life etc.

And, here I am with my Ice breaker speech to introduce myself, share some of my life experiences with PREPAREDNESS and my expectations from this association with Toastmasters.

Have you ever met anyone or do you believe, it is possible for someone to reach State championship qualifiers in shuttle badminton, at the same time attain a state rank for educational excellence and receive another state award for his painting skills? All of these within 30 years of his life?

Any hands? Yes, I expected. No hands here.

I have not met anyone like that and I don’t believe it either. Because, I couldn’t achieve any of them. I am a very normal person.

About me!

I am Senthil Kumar, 30 years old and married, living with my wife in Bangalore, hail from the Temple City of Tamilnadu, Madurai. Academically, I am a MBA Graduate specialized in Systems and career wise have about 8 years of work experience in IT sales and marketing.

If I think about why I didn’t achieve any heights in playing badminton, or studies or arts, I find myself blessed. Because, those were not the only things I pursued in my young age. There were many other things and activities I was involved in.

I use to be an outdoor guy in my boyhood days. I have played all street games like spin top, goli(marbles), Gilly, seven stones, kabadi, cricket from dawn to dusk in the scorching sun and pouring rain. I have sold cheat games like scratch & win, coin in the bucket and even sold homemade juices. And trust me, I was very good in all of them. I have worked in small time factories during my annual vacation just for fun so that I could watch movies, buy my stuff for playing. This way I had a fun filled young age. Very good! Isn’t it?

But, here comes the bad part. I was playful for a little rather longer time. I mean till my 12th standard. Result? I was left with the least options to select a graduation degree that most of us hate during our high school. Yes, I am a Botany graduate. Then I realized where I stood among others in this competitive world. For the first time in my life, started truly listening to the class lectures and then miracles happened. I was continuously scoring top grades and finished my graduation by scoring 2nd rank in my department with a clear distinction.

Then I wanted is a quick career, instead of becoming a teacher or scientist by profession. Listen carefully, because they all make others listen. Hence I enrolled myself with a MBA Degree. With God’s grace, got a job way before completing the degree and from there I am today with the world’s largest IT services organization.

When I think back, where I failed, where I excelled and why it all happened, the one thing that made clear difference is PREPARATION. I have my own personal successes with preparation and failures without it.

With that said, I have joined Toastmasters to be Prepared all through my life, and attain more success with help of all of you toastmasters and obviously with my sincere efforts. Thank you.

Over to you toastmaster!

The number of properties a person owns!

This creates lot of issues. 

First of all, one would not build a home and stay in all the properties. One can have at the most 2 properties and stop further investment in land. This will gradually reduce everyone’s interest in converting Agricultural lands into residential/commercial ventures.
Second, more the property a person owns, higher the probability his children become greedy, uncivilized and start fighting for their rightful share. In the due course, the parents themselves are kept aside of the family equation.

Written by senthiljee
P.B. Senthil Kumar is an Experienced Digital Marketer who exploits growth marketing practices using Digital Marketing techniques and help businesses attain desired revenue goals.