Toastmasters Competent Communicator Manual Speech 2 – Organize your speech

senthiljee Toastmasters public Speaking

This is my 2nd project in competent communicator stream.

Luminaries or successful people have always been seen as highly organized. And yes, we all are organized very well in our own terms. Aren’t we? And we need to strongly believe no body is perfect! Then only we can be happier! 

Recently, I read this famous quote “For every minute spent in organizing, an hour is earned.” I started thinking how to spend the saved hours?

Timely coming to office, but spending hours on chit chatting, or reaching home on time, but spending hours on watching Wimbledon tournament. Are these good examples of self-organizing? No! Definitely not!

So, here I go unveiling my proposed plan of self-organization. How to organize yourself & keeping your soul alive? This plan has a 3 dimensional approach.

The 1st dimension, Yourself – Look at you! You are smart, well-educated, working with IBM, have good work-life balance. What more you need? What more can you add? Unless you want to consider some of the following…

Do you:

Spend 10 minutes for you alone in the morning for thanking for what you have, what you want, what you can do different today in life and work. Appreciate yourself for smaller achievements?

Take a walk to the shops in the next streets? Go to the terrace of your building? Come out of the flat at least when the power goes off!

Learn a new word? Smile 10 times a day?

Do all or few of the said things. You will be happier, healthier, and will not have a belly over a period of time.

The 2nd dimension is Our Loved ones – How lucky we should be to be born among these amazing people? One should feel gifted to enjoy the care, the love, the guidance, the gifts shared with each other. We all are gifted.

Do you:

Appreciate your wife for cooking today’s lunch? Or give a surprise by taking her out for dinner? Or for a change, try yourself at cooking something for her?

Ask your kids, when is the next time we can bunk their classes to go on a trip? Or do something they like to do.

Give a Call to your parents, invite them often for a visit or send them out on a tour to visit the place they have always wanted to go.

Randomly SMS or call one of your Hundreds of Friends/Contacts in the mobile phone and ask, how they are doing?

Now do all of few of the things said, life now and after your productive career days will be very sweet.

Is it good to be good only to ourselves, family members and friends? Now we are expanding our horizon. The third dimension, Society –This is the most important part.

Do you:

Smile at your next door neighbors? Ever cared to know the apartment’s security guards’ name? Or checked whether they had their meals?

Genuinely help a colleague when he/she needs it without asking credit or asking them to write a formal email?

Give someone a lift in your bike/car? Not just anyone or anywhere, at least within Manyata.

Help an elder person or a vision impaired people to cross roads

Offer a meal to a beggar?

Unofficially adopt a dog or cow near your street and buy them biscuits/or fruits?

Now do all or few of the said things, you will have lesser complaints, excuses to make of the society, our Country and the world.

Conclusion –

You all like it? This is definitely my own version. Am also sure, some of you might already be doing most of or more than the above. Thank you for listening with patience, as if I am presenting a Thesis.

Let’s all (including me) try and follow some of the points to organize our thoughts and keep our souls alive.

Written by senthiljee
P.B. Senthil Kumar is an Experienced Digital Marketer who exploits growth marketing practices using Digital Marketing techniques and help businesses attain desired revenue goals.