The lost art of handwriting

lost art of handwriting -

Do you recollect the fountain pens in the above image? I strongly do!

How can I forget those bleeding fountain ink pens that were once used to be my foundation of education. I still remember how eager I use to be before carefully choosing the pens in latest trend after losing the immediate infamous ones.

If you noticed, fountain ink pens were simply the best. It preached discipline. You got to prepare well if it needs to support you.

  1. Every day morning you got to check the level of ink and refill.
  2. As you use, the nib gets wear and tear and you need to replace them often.
  3. Different types of paper absorbs ink differently, hence you need to have at least a couple of choices to avoid any last minute embarrassment.

Ink pen nibs are generally sharph especially when you bought recently. As the students of 10th and 12th grade, you got to write a lot, that too faster to score better. As it was mandatory to write public exams with Ink pens, we use to have a trick. Not sure, how many of you had used this tactic?

We literally write with the nib of newly bought pen in fine floor surface to blunt it a bit. After a few minutes, the pen is set to write faster based on your handwriting skill.

Like this, one can keep talking/writing about these fountain pens that were close to our heart.

For various reasons, today we reduced relying on these ink pens and completely bank on ballpoint pens. They are of course convenient, easy to carry, very safe to keep in pockets and perfect “use and throw” material.

But in due course, I lost my handwriting. Though, I am not blaming it completely on Ballpoint pens, they do have the bigger share in the cause-pie.

A study by National Education Association, United States found that “ballpoint pens are a significant cause of poor handwriting.” What more I can say?

A bank cheque of mine got rejected because of a signature mismatch. I don’t anymore write cheques to anyone and simply manage with NEFT Transfer/Cash transfers. That’s how serious this issue is for me 🙂 Have heard the same story exactly from many other friends.

That’s when I started thinking of switching to a Fountain Pen again. I am even more shocked to see the prices of the same old ink pens. What used to be simply INR 10-15 are now being sold for hundreds of rupees 🙁

Anyways, would soon buy one for myself and share with you guys! Once I improve my handwriting, will recommend you the fountain pen writing.

You all have a wonderful weekend. For now, adios!

Written by senthiljee
P.B. Senthil Kumar is an Experienced Digital Marketer who exploits growth marketing practices using Digital Marketing techniques and help businesses attain desired revenue goals.