Chicken 65 Advertisement – Heights of insanity!

Aachi Masala Chicken 65 Advertisement Atrocities

Words of caution:

This post is not against:

  • Non-vegetarians who routinely relishes chicken in appetizers, main course or even in desserts
  • The manufacturers of Aachi Masala or the creative advertisement agency or the Television that has broadcasted the advert

I am not in support of:

  • Vegetarians either who are against slaughtering animals yet avidly buying leather products
  • The poor bird with impractical wings that are manufactured only to be slaughtered in 45 days

We are discussing about the finger licking recipe Chicken 65. While this high-fat, high-cholesterol, high-sodium diet (Source: is a definite hit among all age groups starting from school going kids to adult couch potatoes to toothless senior citizens, there are senseless moms who couldn’t resist but submit to toddlers’ craving to taste Chicken 65.

What use to be only available at hotels in earlier days, became a home-made food and now comes pre-cooked, preserved and nicely packed for instant consumption. This is not what we are complaining about as the entire world has got westernized and nothing much can be done about it.

The first time I watched this particular advertisement, I got shocked. There is nothing wrong with such a product and a sincere effort in promoting through television advertisement for better business. I am only stunned and hurt by the way an irrational thought got added in the advertisement.

Chicken 65 Masala Advertisement from Aachi Masala

Watch this 19 seconds advertisement at Youtube carefully, especially at 0.07, 0.09 and from 0.17 seconds. You would notice an animated rooster that sings and promotes Chicken 65. Have you ever come across such an absolute genius thought? I only can imagine the thought process that went behind, the way it would have been proposed, Okayed for an approval, got animated with lots of laughter in the studio and being simply broadcasted for quick money.

What I don’t want to see are similar advertisements for already launched or upcoming products from any manufacturers of Mutton Masala, Beef Masala or Fish Masala! Hope you too wouldn’t tolerate such reckless advertisements.

Looking forward to your comments and thoughts.

Written by senthiljee
P.B. Senthil Kumar is an Experienced Digital Marketer who exploits growth marketing practices using Digital Marketing techniques and help businesses attain desired revenue goals.