You have been Commoditized! Now, what you have to say about that?

People as commodities in digital marketing world

It was not long time before we started adopting social technologies to explore, connect, communicate and make a real-good use of the time and effort went in.

  • Some make money, Some gain knowledge, Some connect with people
  • Some establish leadership, Some increase mere pride

Regardless of the purpose, soon enough, we realize, We, “The Users” have become commodities in the very same market we operate in 🙂 

Social Media Followers Packages - Senthiljee

I am sure including me every one of you get promotional mailers in the below lines.

  • 1,000 Instagram followers in 3 days!
  • 10,000 followers for just $25, delivered within 5-7 days!
  • 100,000 Facebook page likes in 25 days!
  • 1,000,000 YouTube views in 10 days!

Look at the above statements and their value propositions. All with a confident promise, confirmed delivery, money-back guarantees! All for a few hundred dollars delivered within a magical turnaround time.

In The Marketing World, we are familiar with similar packages for Email databases of Decision Makers, their Contact information in order to reach them, promote our products and services.

But, once thousands of companies, individuals and tools that started offering the same not-so reliable information that yield near-zero results, the popularity of such copy-cat offerings have gone down.

Today, everyone loves transparency, genuine networking, truly value adding partnerships. The ecosystem has lot of regulations to keep Internet a rewarding place.

Small Businesses, Individual Professionals who are targeted mainly with these promotions, should realize that buying Followers will only lead to:

  1. Absolutely nothing but ZERO Marketing Results!
  2. Domains getting Spam Indexed
  3. Lower Engagement Rates
  4. Damaging Online Reputation
  5. Handling Embarrassing Punitive Actions

Let’s discourage such mindless social media services. Let’s genuinely grow social engagement!

Written by senthiljee
P.B. Senthil Kumar is an Experienced Digital Marketer who exploits growth marketing practices using Digital Marketing techniques and help businesses attain desired revenue goals.